Global WEb ConneXions
by Julia Fairchild
We are all connected.  Most people for whom I build websites are Light Workers, and are therefore connected to one another in vibration and purpose.  I am listing here the websites of folks I choose to associate with, and hoping that this can  become a DIRECTORY of like-minded individuals who will support one another in our joint quest for the best and highest good of all.  If you want your name/website added here, please share, and I'll be happy to do so.  I believe that THIS PAGE may the purpose of this website.  Remember that if we reciprocate links, it serves us both better in the search engine optimization game (tying our toothpicks together to make popsicle stick rafts).  After all, it truly IS a small world....
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Angels, Spirit Guide Readings
Dolphin Swims, Communication, etc.
Inspiration & Motivation
Health and Healing
Rev. Ana Jones,
Trish Regan & Doug Hackett ~
List Category
Julia Fairchild, Swan
Julia Fairchild, Rapid Eye Technology
Nikki Spencer, A Hawaiian Day Spa
Weddings & other Sacred Rites
Reverend Ana Jones, Hawaii Island Weddings

Calley O'Neill  Sunset Love Weddings

Auntie Maile  A Real Hawaiian Wedding
Build a Professional Looking Website with
Diffuser Worlds essential oil diffusers for aromatherapy
Dr. Alvita Soleil, Aloha Health Clinic
Sharrin Michael,  Biodynamic Health
Dr. Alvita Soleil, Aloha Wellness Retreats
Josee Boulianne - Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy
Calley O'Neill - The Rama Exhibition
Calley O'Neill -  Yoga on the Beach
Calley O'Neill - Stained Glass and Mosaic
Alvita Soleil - Soleil Art
Barrie Rose - Waimea Events Salon