Global WEb ConneXions
by Julia Fairchild
In establishing right livelihood that I could run from a laptop office, allowing me to come to Hawaii, I chose the design and market websites for Light Workers, because I had so enjoyed building my own.  I also was frustrated by my unmet desire to have someone else envision what I wanted, and execute it to my specifications, and have time to do so.  My frustration led to my great satisfaction as I learned to create and maintain my website.

For this reason, I create websites using an extremely simple, "point and click", online site builder, and I encourage anyone for whom I build a website to participate in the building, maintenance and upkeep of their own site.

From there, I have learned as I worked, and continue to learn how best to help weave the web that we all surf in our growing endeavors.  Because the WorldWideWeb is a dynamic entity of its own, marketing on it can be challenging.  Building a website is like casting a toothpick upon the ocean, so we all work to build our "toothpicks" at least into "popsicle stick rafts" so we can  find and be found by one another in our quest for wholeness.

To the left are some of the sites I have created.  Some of them are from earlier days, while I was learning, and not charging for my services.  Some are hugely successful; others are still in infancy.  Some I maintain, and others are maintained by their owners.  Please keep this in mind, as some of the owners are not as invested in web design as I am.  The beauty is, in my mind, that the owner of the website has the option to pay for perfection, or do it themselves, perfect or not.

To begin the creation of a website, one must gather:
1) An outline of your site, with major headings for Navigation Buttons
2) Ideas for color scheme, logo, type fonts, etc., and a web address (URL) idea.
3)  Links to places you want to connect to, or have associated with your site.
4)  Photographs that you own or have legal access to, graphics, etc.
5)  Cost of hosting and access to the online site builder is abour $20/month
6)  My hourly fee for website set-up, design and maintenance is $50.  I can either show you how to use the site builder, or build your site for you.  You can choose your level of involvement from start to "finish".  A website is like a child ~ ever growing and always in need of upkeep and maintenance. 
7)  As a service to my clients, I provide this link to Building Instructions on this site, which are simple instructions for simple processes within the site-builder.  Once you are set up and working, you can bookmark the Instructions page and have easy access to how-to if you want to handle or build your own site.   I am always adding to this page, and will respond to request for more.
Why do I choose Homestead?  
1)  I love the site builder.  It is easy, intuitive, and user-friendly enough that you may well decide to be your own web maintenance person, and not need me at all!

2)  The telephone and on-line/email support is phenomenal, and I enjoy working with the Homestead team.

3)  It's a reasonable monthly fee for hosting and access to the site builder.  It makes having your own website affordable, and you NEVER have to renew your URL as long as Homestead hosts your site.  By the way, going somewhere else and getting a URL which then has to be transferred here is not advisable.  Please let me do that as part of my service to you.